CDC Shortens Quarantine Guidelines From 14 to 7 Days

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CDC Shortens Quarantine Guidelines From 14 to 7 Days

By Jane Roberts, Daily Memphian

Single mother Buffy Langford and her five children were among those who quarantined themselves due to the quarantine guidelines when Mayor Jim Strickland issued a shelter-at-home executive order back in March. Most people chafe under quarantine orders, though, which is perhaps one reason the CDC has reduced the suggested duration from 14 days to 7.

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Alan Crone talks to Jane Roberts of the Daily Memphian about the changes in quarantine rules in this pandemic. Alan has been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to provide constant updates on all of the ways the pandemic is affecting people’s work lives. With the quarantine rules being dropped from 14 to 7, the CDC is hoping that the lower suggestion will help make more people buy in to staying home instead of going to work if they are only missing a week of work versus two weeks.

This can be extremely beneficial because it allows companies to make their employees quarantine without such a daunting quarantine period. Hopefully, the pandemic will start to end soon, and we can all get back to work smoothly and efficiently,

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