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Breach of Contract Lawyer

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If you or your company is involved in an agreement with another party and that party is not living up to the terms of the agreement, that party could be in breach of contract and you could be in a position to take legal action.

To determine if your agreement warrants a breach of contract suit, put The Crone Law Firm team to work for you. By keeping an eye on the real value of the dispute, we craft a solution that maximizes the value of the contract. It is also our goal to quickly achieve a resolution with the lowest transaction cost possible.

Hopefully, the dispute in question can be handled with negotiation. However, there are some disputes regarding performance under contract which will drive both parties toward litigation. In these instances, we will often suggest alternate methods — such as mediation and arbitration — that can be effective tools for resolution and are usually less costly than traditional litigation.

If you are in a relationship where a breach of contract occurs, call Alan Crone at 901-737-7740.

What You Need to Know About Breach of Contract Cases

Sometimes a performance dispute can be a cover for one party’s inability or unwillingness to pay the amount due or perform some obligation due under the terms of the contract. At The Crone Law Firm, we endeavor early in the process to determine the true force driving the dispute and resolve that while working on the legal issues.

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