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Cover of our Free COVID-19 E-Book for Businesses

The Crone Law Firm PLC has written an the COVID-19 e-book that will highlight everything that business owners will need to know for reopening their businesses during the pandemic. We will be allowing anyone to have this e-book for FREE!

The law has shifted drastically during the pandemic, and nothing seems to be slowing down any time soon. Hopefully, we can get a vaccine soon or a treatment for patients suffering from COVID-19, but we have the resources to help your business move forward legally. Running a law firm has been just a tricky to navigate during this time with court closures, employees being laid off and brand new forgivable loans. As a business ourselves, we wanted to attack this to help our colleagues figure out this tough situation just as we have. Below we have the main changes where our e-book focuses.

This e-book focuses on the four most notable changes for businesses.

  1. New paid sick and family leave benefits and adjustments to The Family Medical Leave Act.
  2. Government mandates and ordinances to help slow the spread and keep co-workers safe.
  3. New kind of unemployment benefits that Congress passes earlier this year.
  4. The Payment Protection Program, or PPP, loans that are forgivable to help protect employees of small businesses.

We believe that everyone is in this together. Business owners should not have to worry about the CDC, WHO and government COVID guidelines. This e-book is designed to be that one stop shop for all of your questions.

Let us know if you like it! We would love for you to email, call or text us about your free e-book. Feel free to also give The Crone Law Firm a review on Google or Facebook! We represent employees, executives and entrepreneurs, and we think that this book helps all of them.

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