The Pawffice: 4 Tips for A Healthy Work Environment

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Healthy work environment

The Pawffice: 4 Tips for A Healthy Work Environment

I’ve now been working at The Crone Law Firm for five months. That’s so long! So obviously like all new employees fresh out of school, I know everything about work. I definitely know how to build a healthy work environment. I’m happy all the time where I work because people pet me whenever they want. That’s a win-win. So I’m here to tell you how to build the perfect healthy work environment.

Good Communication

There needs to be good communication throughout the office for a healthy work environment. If someone wants to pet me, I need to know about it ASAP. How else will I know to come in their office? It’s not lunch time. So I’m not just going to sit next to your desk waiting for you to feed me like at lunchtime. Send me an email, buzz me on my phone, text me, or slack me, I don’t care. If you need to pet me, then I need to know about it.

I’m not a mind reader. I’m a dog. People always think that they can read each other’s minds when they want them to do something. They assume that they are going to do the right thing the first time without being told everything they need to do. You need to communicate with them, and tell them what you need from them, and how they need to do it.

Relaxing Break Areas

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it. Naps are important for dogs. I need my breaks to be at my most effective. When it’s raining, my owner doesn’t take me on a walk around downtown because I like to splash in the puddles. So I need good break areas. Luckily, I have a great break spot in my owner’s office.

The same goes for people too. Working all day is hard, and can be really tiring. It’s good to step away from the computer every once in a while. There needs to be a good spot to take a break for just 10 minutes.

Encourage Team Members

When I was being trained to sit, stay, and shake hands before I was hired at The Crone Law Firm, I needed constant positive reinforcement. Treats, pets, and walks got me through that training session, and even though it was tough, it was for the better.

Our co-workers are the same way as me. If they don’t get any positive or negative reinforcement in what they are doing, then how can they get any better? People can be hard on each other while they are at work because they are always asking for favors. Can you copy this? Can you scan that? Can you get that dog out of my office? There is always something that people want, but when they get it they don’t tell them good job all the time.

Every time I would sit, I would get a treat and be told I’m a good boy. Now I know that I am indeed a good boy. I’ve been encouraged to continue sitting properly so I can maintain my good boy status. Our team members have started to really encourage each other when they do a good job too. It’s made everyone really happy and better at their jobs. Encouraging each other and giving good feedback has really helped our work product, and we have a really healthy work environment!

Have A Dog In The Office

Let’s be real. Dogs just make working better and promote a healthy work environment. I’ll break it down for you:

  • We put everyone in a good mood
  • It helps with employee retention
  • We can be a good source of mental breaks when the days get long
  • Everyone wants an office space full of character, so the messes we create only enhance the character of our space

This article details all the benefits even more.

Can we be a lot? Sure. Can we be helpful? Absolutely. Just make sure there are some spaces we aren’t aloud to into for a healthy work environment. Meeting rooms, bathrooms, anyone’s office that doesn’t want us, and the kitchen should all be out of bounds for us. I might be a dog, but I’m not an animal. I know my limits.

The Pawffice: 4 Tips for A Healthy Work Environment

I hope that this will help you build a better work environment like we have built at The Crone Law Firm. Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you have a good Labor Day because my owner and co-workers won’t stop talking about how excited they are for their holiday!

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