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Interference with a Contract

Disputes over contracts can sometimes include parties not actually part of the contract in question. When this third party disturbs the performance of the contract, they could be in violation of Interference with a Contract.

If you find yourself in this scenario, the experienced team at The Crone Law Firm is ready to assist.

As is the norm at The Crone Law Firm, we will attempt to resolve your dispute in the quickest, most cost-efficient means possible. Sometimes that means intense negotiation. In other instances, mediation or arbitration can be employed. Only if it is the most advantageous path toward resolution will we pursue litigation.

For assistance in Interference with Contract cases, contact Alan Crone at 901-737-7740.

You Need to Know

In order to successfully pursue a complaint of Interference with a Contract, the plaintiff must be able to prove several points.

  • One: that the interfering party knew of the existence of the contract.
  • Two: that the interfering party intentionally committed an act which hinders or prevents the contracted parties from performing their obligations.
  • Three: that the interfering party caused damage to one or more of the parties.

If you think these points can be proven, you may have a strong case.

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