Guest Column: Employers Who Embrace a Diverse Workplace Will Succeed

diverse workplace

Guest Column: Diverse Workplace

READ MORE by: Alan Crone

Alan Crone was lucky enough to write a guest column for the Memphis Business Journal. He talks about how important having a diverse workplace is for ideas and the overall potential of a business.

Diversity is important because it provides people with different ideas opportunities to change the environment where they are working. Diversity allows someone that comes from a different background to have a different point of view in certain topics.

For example, if you are working in a retail space that sells a certain product to a certain demographic, then it would make sense to hire someone that fits that demographic. You want someone on your team that thinks in the way of one of your consumers. If you don’t have someone working for you that can consider themselves a customer, then who on your team can actually know if the product is good or not?

Alan explains all of this here.

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