Illegal Interview Questions

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Illegal Interview Questions


Employment attorney, Alan Crone, sits down for WREG News Channel 3‘s Live at Nine segment to talk about illegal interview questions. Yes, there are questions asked in an interview that can be illegal. How do I know which ones are illegal or legal? That’s where Alan has you covered!

Alan has been a practicing employment law attorney for nearly 30 years. He is on top of all things legal that go into all different facets of the law. Alan understand how these things work while making it simple for other people to understand.

So, why are some questions illegal? It all depends on each and every circumstance. The law is a very tricky subject with many different areas and facets.

Furthermore, people need to understand that it is hard to define these questions into a certain type of law. Why is that hard? Because the law is complicated and always changing. Click the link above to help understand what questions might be considered illegal down the road.

Thank you so much to WREG News Channel 3 and the Live at Nine team for letting Alan appear on the show. Thank you also to publicist, Beth Okeon, of ABO Marketing to help Alan appear on today’s episode.

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