Threat of COVID-19 Impacting the Workplace

Threat of COVID-19 Impacting the Workplace

The threat the COVID-19 has in impacting the workplace is huge. People are not immune to this level of influence that the pandemic creates. WMC Action News 5 interviews employment attorney, Alan Crone, to talk about the influence of the pandemic in the workplace.

So, Alan talks about many things, but mostly focuses on how travel impacts workplaces. Many companies have ways two send people around the country to do business. Hotel industries often rely on companies to have conferences in their hotels.

So why is that so important? Without all of that travel, people are not using those trips as mini vacations for their families or getting any new information. Without the conference circuit, there is no telling how many people are becoming stagnant at their jobs.

Furthermore, people are bored and just want to change something up in their daily routine. However, Alan is able to help explain how we can shift the impact back into a good shift. Let’s Go Get Some Justice

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