Yes, Tennessee Employers Can Mandate Vaccination, But…


Yes, Tennessee Employers Can Mandate Vaccination, But…

READ MORE by: Jane Roberts

Alan Crone has often been asked since the pandemic has started, will employers mandate their employees to be vaccinated? The answer to this question is rather difficult to answer. This article by Jane Roberts of the Daily Memphian goes into detail discussing how the vaccination process could happen for employers and employees going forward. The City of Memphis has done a tremendous job in this process by making it very easy for people to get a vaccine when they want to get one. The main challenge will be to convince certain people to get the vaccine when it is time.

Hopefully, this article can bring some new light into the conversation that has been very grim for far to long. We at The Crone Law Firm are excited to see that there is finally going to be light at the end of the tunnel. We have been all in this together, and we cannot let up now!

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