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Interference with Prospective Business Advantage

Not all interference cases involve formal contracts. In some instances, known business relationships can be intentionally disrupted by a third party and lead to damages. This could be anything from a fiscally advantageous relationship with a vendor that suddenly gets soured to a supervisor plotting to get a subordinate fired.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, you may be entitled to compensation. At The Crone Law Firm, we handle cases of this nature just like we do all our cases of conflict. We work tirelessly at discovery on the front end so as to fully understand the facts of the case. These facts then allow us to map out the most advantageous path to resolution.

If you suspect that a third party has interfered with one of your business relationships, contact Alan Crone today at 901-737-7740.

You Need to Know

Interference with Prospective Business Advantages cases can be difficult to prove because someone will be required to testify as to the intent of the wrongdoer.

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