Alan G. CroneFounder

The more complex the case, the more interesting. I love unraveling facts and figuring out what’s really going on and come up with a sure-fire strategy for a solution.

Alan’s personal role model is St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, who taught that, because God can be found in our everyday work, all work is important. That’s why he listens so carefully to his clients and takes their concerns to heart.

Founder of the firm, he is our Team Leader.  Whether he’s helping achieve a business dream or seeking compensation for someone who’s been treated unfairly, he draws from a deep well of compassion and experience.  He’s a master at devising winning strategies and innovative tactics.

Sometimes the only thing to do is file a lawsuit and fight it out in court.  And other times it’s better to negotiate a settlement.  Either way, Alan knows how to get the best outcome.

A fifth generation Memphian, he is a voracious reader, semi-avid golfer.  The art of political negotiation has always fascinated him.  He has been active in local and state politics for more than 22 years.  He is former head of the Shelby County Republican Party and currently serves as Special Counsel to the Mayor of Memphis.

He is also the very proud father of 3 children and is devoted to his wife Allison.

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Maggie CroneSenior Intake Specialist

Each case and each client is different. The variety keeps me on my toes. I learn something new every day.

Maggie gets the facts and verifies them.  She’s good at her job because she’s passionate about the truth and genuinely cares about people. Having endured a corporate downsizing herself, she lends a sympathetic ear to anyone experiencing injustices that may be awkward, embarrassing or difficult to discuss.  She’s understanding and easy to talk to, but make no mistake–she is also a highly experienced investigator with a track record for uncovering all the facts.

Once she’s met with everyone involved, Maggie summarizes the salient points for the attorneys and the judge, if needed.

Maggie is Alan’s younger sister.  She says her brother inspires her. “He’s all about fairness. He tries his best to be fair to everyone he encounters and he expects everyone to conduct themselves the same way.”

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Laura BaileyPrincipal-Attorney Senior Vice-President Legal Operations

I think everyone in our society deserves to be treated fairly and with respect.


Laura earned her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Tennessee and her law degree at the University of Memphis.  She has extensive experience in employment law, personal injury and worker’s compensation.

She’s passionate about the rights of people with disabilities and has taken pro bono cases fighting for their right to medical care.  She and her husband Mark recently welcomed their first baby boy in March 2017.  They like to escape to the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast whenever time permits.

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Bailey DorseyAssociate Attorney

We help the little guy. I worry that if we don’t help him or her, then who will?

Bailey earned both her undergraduate degree in accounting and her law degree at the University of Memphis.  She is a native Memphian and a graduate of The Hutchison School.

When she graduated law school, she wasn’t sure which area of law she wanted to practice.  But, after landing her first job at The Crone Law Firm, she realized she was in the right place.  “Employment law is hard.  It’s intensive.  But it’s so rewarding.  We’re standing up for people – and that is work we can feel proud of,” she says.

She reports members of the firm work closely.  “Every case is a team effort.  We constantly bounce ideas off each other to find solutions that are best for each client,” she says.

Bailey’s an animal lover who enjoys spending time with her own two pups.  She also volunteers with the Junior League of Memphis.

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Amanda GarlandAssociate

For many clients, their livelihood is at stake. I like to be available to help and support them.

Amanda grew up in Memphis and is a graduate of Christian Brothers University and The University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law.

She was inspired to become an attorney after reading the book To Kill A Mockingbird.  Her first job was in labor and employment law, where she quickly learned she liked doing good work that solved people’s real problems. She has recently decided to specialize in this field.

What she enjoys most about The Crone Law Firm is the unwavering professionalism coupled with the individual care and attention given to each client.

Amanda is a voracious reader of everything—from Supreme Court rulings to science fiction. About the only thing, she doesn’t read is courtroom dramas. “Too much like work,” she says. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her husband, Andy and exploring the city of Memphis.

DeRicka KingIntake Specialist

Our clients are really interesting people. I’m glad we’re able to help. The ones we can’t help still thank us.

DeRicka is often the first person with whom our clients come in contact.  She is ideal for this position because she’s naturally warm and welcoming—a true people person.

She chose to work for The Crone Law Firm because she thought she might want to be an attorney.  Now that she’s seen the job close up, she’s sold.  In the near future she plans to attend law school and hopes to return to the firm as an attorney.

A graduate of Christian Brothers University, she has a BA in Art and Psychology.