Janice Wilson

Client Concierge

I can’t wait to help our clients have the best experience possible. I love people, and I’m so excited to help them.


Janice Wilson is a native of Mississippi, she lived in Jackson MS most of her adult life and migrated to Southaven MS 7 years ago. Janice earned her BSM from Belhaven University and has been in the banking industry both the financial side and the mortgage for more than 20 years.

Janice has been in customer service for many years and enjoys helping people in any capacity that she can. Her goal is to spread her contagious personality, so that it will be a blessing to as many people as possible.

Just recently Janice decided to change her career to come aboard with The Crone Law Firm. Providing the best experiences possible for the clients at The Crone Law Firm is at the top of her list.

Outside of her spreading that contagious personality and great southern hospitality, she loves spending time with family, friends and her furry four-legged companion Samantha.

But, most of all she is grateful for the life that God has given her and the opportunities that he has afforded her.

What is a Client Concierge?

A client concierge is a new position for The Crone Law Firm, responsible for providing exceptional client experience. This position entails various tasks such as answering phone calls, scheduling client meetings, onboarding new clients, and much more.

The Crone Law Firm decided that the client experience was great, but needed to uphold to The Crone Law Firm Value Pillar of Excellence. We came to the conclusion that having someone dedicated to client service was the only answer to that problem.

The Client Concierge is the go-to person in the firm for every client. They will assist clients in any problem that can arise, they will make the office welcome for potential new clients, and they will make everyone that calls in feel heard.

Employment law can be very personal. It’s important to have someone that can help everyone in one of their lowest moments feel heard, comforted, and supported. We are excited that Janice will be able to provide that level of empathy as our first Client Concierge.