Business Formations

We help business owners bring more control to their business operations

We also try to help our business clients identify and solve other related problems that might be contributing to the legal problems in businesses of all sizes. By using our business formations attorneys, we can help your business start on the right foot.

Business Litigation Practice Area

Business Lawyers in Memphis and St. Louis

At The Crone Law Firm, Memphis and St. Louis Business Lawyer advocates help businesses in Shelby County, Memphis TN, and St. Louis MO. The stability and safety of a business are two very important factors that may not be taken into account when it began. An experienced business attorney can assist you and your partners in several aspects of safeguarding the continuity of your business.

Our Memphis and St. Louis business attorneys represent an array of individuals who have found themselves in an uncomfortable business disagreement. By bringing our extensive legal experience to bear on the situation, we analyze each unique scenario and the complex issues that are often associated with corporate and business disputes.

Memphis and St. Louis business law is described as the general conduction and maintenance of a business; including but not limited to starting, buying or selling a small business, managing your employees, interpreting and drafting contracts, banking, and bankruptcy. If any of these situations apply to you, you may need a Memphis or St. Louis business law firm to assist you.

By putting our focus on a solution for our client’s problem rather than just winning a lawsuit, we help to bring control and predictability to our client’s lives during a time of distressing and uncomfortable change. Our focused Memphis business law professionals also try to help our clients identify and solve other related problems that might be contributing to their problems at work.

With offices in the heart of downtown Memphis and the Central West End of St. Louis, The Crone Law Firm services and represents businesses in the metropolitan areas of Memphis TN and St. Louis MO.

The Crone Law Firm offers skilled staff attorneys that focus on business law. For clients within an easy drive of our Memphis and St. Louis offices, we are open for an in-person meeting. For out of town clients we can certainly conduct a consultation over the phone or via Zoom. However, many of our clients prefer an in-person meeting to address critical issues with more immediacy and we can meet those clients via Zoom. Our client-oriented Memphis and St. Louis legal business advocates are prepared to meet the wishes of our clients in this regard.

Starting a Business

Starting a business can be a life-changing decision. You’ll have a million details to figure out, and a million decisions to make. But underpinning it all, you want to have your company built on a solid foundation.

We can help. Jack Turner is an experienced veteran in business formations, having many years of experience in LLCs, S Corps, C Corps, and nonprofits. He can help you create and file all the documents you’ll need to get off the ground, as well as help you understand any ongoing legal requirements once you’re in business.

We offer several business formation packages. You can opt for the one-time deal, where we’ll sit down with you, discuss options, draw up your documents, and help you file.

Or you may choose our “Entrepreneur Level” package, where a monthly fee will get you not only start-up documents, but also ongoing consultation, standard contracts, contract review, and, if the need should arise, a discount on future litigation and/or defense.

Finally, we have the “Executive Level” package, which offers all of the above plus added monthly consultation hours, occasional legal education seminars for you and/or your employees, the option to have us meet with your board, and other legal services.

If none of the above options is exactly what you’re looking for, let’s talk about it; we’ll negotiate and find a solution that meets your needs.

Even startups and the smallest businesses need an experienced business contract attorney to protect their financial interests.

The best time to consult us is at the very beginning stages. We’ll help you choose the smartest way to structure your business, whether as a sole proprietorship, a limited liability partnership or company, or a corporation.

We also help negotiate leases for commercial space which are usually drafted to benefit the landlord.  Because they look like a template or standard form, you may think they’re not negotiable, but we have modified many leases to include tenant provisions that benefit you.

When buying or selling a business we can assist with:

By setting up your business properly from the start, we can help you avoid many headaches in the future. Count on our team of business law attorneys to guide you through every step of the process.

If you are involved in any of the above-related business formations disputes and wish to discuss your business formations options, Contact Memphis and St. Louis Business Lawyer Alan Crone at 901-737-7740.