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Value Pillars

The Crone Value Pillars

The Crone Law Firm has 5 Value Pillars that we strive to reach for each of our cases: Excellence, Service, Transparency, Reliability and Integrity. Please watch this video to see how we feel about these pillars, and why they are important to our firm.

The Crone Law Firm Value Pillars

We are passionate about resolving workplace disputes.

We focus on employment law for a very good reason: the financial lives of families, the survival of companies and the integrity of business are usually at stake. We always think: what happens if we don’t help? We strive to help our clients make careful, informed decisions about employment-related matters.

In addition to a passion for employment law, our attorneys have decades of education and experience. Having been on both sides of all types of workplace conflicts, we understand your situation whether you are employer or employee. In our years in practice, we’ve developed specific techniques and philosophies that help us help you. One of our most effective methods is teamwork.

One size does NOT fit all.

We put the brainpower of the entire firm to work for you. Each of us brings a unique skill set and point of view. We collaborate to collectively shape the most effective strategy moving forward. Most often, each of our team members contributes to the final game plan. Always, your case receives the undivided attention of all our attorneys.

Your situation is unique. Your strategy will be too. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in our office.

We’re good listeners.

We want to hear all about your situation and then listen some more. Sounds simple but it’s so true: taking time to understand your experience is one of the most important keys to success. Some attorneys are so busy showing you how much they know that they don’t bother finding out the intricacies that make your case different. Your experience and knowledge are integral to your case. We listen, learn and then create a strategy to most effectively address your legal needs.

Let’s talk.

If you’re been treated unfairly at work and are wondering if you should take action, call us and we’ll help you evaluate the merits of your case. Once you know, you can decide what you want to do.

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