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Our employment law attorneys are passionate about workplace conflict. Drawing upon decades of experience, specialized techniques and philosophies, and a proven team approach, we’ll create a customized strategy for your specific situation. You deserve the undivided attention of our entire group of professionals.

Call on us for Work-Related Disputes.

We work hard to resolve workplace disputes for employees, executives, and entrepreneurs.  While our lawyers are licensed to practice in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, we have represented people all over the United States.  We can help with any of the situations below and more.  Contact us to find out how we can provide you with sound legal guidance and help.


Even startups and the smallest businesses need an experienced contracts attorney to protect their financial interests.  And, if you wait to hire one until you’re embroiled in a dispute, then you’ve waited too long.  Our job is to keep you out of disputes by writing understandable contracts that are clear and equitable to everyone involved.

The best time to consult us is at the very beginning. We’ll help you choose the smartest way to structure your business: sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership/company or corporation.

We can also help negotiate your lease for commercial space.  These leases usually benefit the landlord.  Because they look like a template or standard form, you may think they’re not negotiable.  But they are.  We’ve done it many times. Let us add a “tenant’s addendum” with provisions that benefit you.

Whatever the type of contract, call on us to make sure the terms are agreeable to you and that your business is protected and poised for success. Let us help you work it out. Contact us.

Buying or Selling a Business. Employee Contracts. Independent Contractors. Equipment Financing & Leasing. Protecting Intellectual Property. Business Loan Default. Business Bankruptcy. Severance Agreements. Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements.

Non-Compete Agreements

We have considerable experience on both sides of this equation—employee and employer.

On the employer side, we can structure non-compete contracts that protect your business.  We can also defend your business if its livelihood is threatened with unfair competition from former employees.

For employees who signed an agreement as a condition of your employment,  we’re well qualified to handle the complex investigation, discovery, and preparation required to defend you.  Likewise, if you are a former owner who signed an agreement as a condition of sale, we may be able to help you continue working in your chosen field.

Anytime you are asked to sign an employment contract, it’s always in your best interest to let us review it before you sign to make sure the contract is written with your best interests in mind. Learn more about Employment Agreements.

Non-compete agreements can have a huge impact on your career now, and in the future. Sound legal guidance today can provide ample protection down the road. Click here for more information on non-compete agreements.

FLSA Issues

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that governs the payment of minimum wage and overtime compensation for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a single week, unless you are exempt from overtime wages.  If you sue to recover unpaid overtime and employee wages, you may be entitled to double damages plus attorney’s fees. Learn More.

Don’t assume you’re exempt from overtime pay.  The laws are complex.  We can help you determine if you’re owed additional compensation.

We are experienced in helping employers understand their responsibility under the FLSA and in helping wronged employees get compensation. Let us see how we can help.

Employment Agreements/Severance Agreements

Our lawyers can help you interpret, negotiate, and pursue claims under employment agreements and severance agreements.  The time to know your rights and bargaining power is BEFORE you sign such a deal NOT afterwards.

There are a number of clauses and terms contained in such agreements that can have a huge impact on your rights.  Sometimes those clauses and terms can be modified via negotiation.  In any event you should fully understand them before you sign them.

If the other side does not live up to its obligations under such an agreement, our lawyers can represent you to pursue your benefits and protect your rights.  Call us today at 901-737-7740 you want to put us to work for you.

Learn more about Employment Agreements.

Click here for legal guidance on Severance Agreements.


The law protects people who complain about illegal conduct at work or refuse to remain silent about such conduct.  If you have made a claim, of harassment or discrimination at work or you have helped someone to make such a claim your employer cannot take adverse employment action against you (fire, demote, harass, or reassign you).  If you have reported your employer to OSHA, the Department of Labor or any government investigator for conduct you reasonably believe is illegal or against governmental regulation, you are most likely protected as well.

If you are the victim of retaliation for such conduct contact us immediately at 901-737-7740.  Our lawyers can help you do everything you can to keep your job, negotiate an exit strategy, or pursue a claim for retaliation and wrongful termination.

Business Divorce

How you exit a business is as important as how you structured it in the beginning.   If you’re in an uncomfortable business partnership or agreement, we can help you choose the best way to get out by analyzing each possible scenario and its financial implications.   We can also help you end property leases and other contractual arrangements in a manner agreeable to you.  Put us to work.

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Wrongful Termination

If your situation was motivated by discrimination, it is likely a wrongful termination.  We hope you’ll contact us so that we may help you get the outcome you deserve. Contact us.

Age. Disability. Gender. Having Filed for Bankruptcy Protection. Jury Service. National Origin. Participating in an EEOC Process (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Race. Refusal to Participate in or Remain Silent about Illegal Activities. Religion. Reporting/Pursuing Statutory or Common-Law Rights. (Retaliatory Discharge). Whistle Blowing (Sarbanes-Oxley Retaliation Act).

If you are the victim of discrimination we may be able to recover back pay and compensatory damages. We might even get your job back, if that’s what you want.  We use a multi-faceted approach to help you deal with all the effects—emotional, professional and financial.  Ideally, we will be able to find a solution by negotiating with your employer. But if he/she is unwilling to resolve the dispute out of court, we will discuss with you the likelihood of a favorable jury verdict should you decide to file a lawsuit. Whatever the case, we’ll work with you every step of the way.  We’re your attorneys and your unwavering supporters.  Let’s talk about specifics on how we can help you through this challenging chapter in your career.

Click here to learn more about what is considered unlawful termination.

Workplace Discrimination

An employer cannot discriminate against you based on any of the following.

Age. Gender. Race. National Origin. Religion. Pregnancy. Disability.

Discrimination can come in many forms:  Failure to hire or promote.  Unequal terms and conditions of employment such as bad assignments or inconvenient work schedules.  Termination.  While your employer may not need a reason to fire you, it cannot fire you because of intentional discrimination.  Any adverse employment action motivated by discrimination is against the law.

We’re passionate about helping victims of discrimination stop discrimination and recover damages for the injuries sustained. If you have been refused employment, passed over for a promotion, unjustly fired or refused full payment of your earnings and you believe it was because of discrimination, contact us to determine if your rights have been violated. We want to help you work it out. Call us at 901-737-7740 to see how we can help.

Learn more about Workplace Discrimination.

Commercial Disputes

Our lawyers are experienced in helping to pursue claims for commercial disputes such as breach of contract, lease disputes, warranty claims, unfair trade practices, trademark/tradename infringement, patent infringement, unfair competition, interference with contractual rights, and many others.  We want to solve your business problem not just win a lawsuit.  Call us today 901-737-7740 to put us to work to pursue your claim and get you back to making money.

Learn more about Business Disputes.

Employee Rights

As an employee, you have a complex and confusing array of rights granted by federal and state laws, as well as judicial court decisions.  As employment law specialists, we know how to untangle the web and make sense of them.  Let us help you determine your next steps.

We work on cases involving all rights at work, including those related to

Overtime. Discrimination. Sexual Harassment. Compensation. Workplace Safety.

Click here to learn about Workplace Laws.

EEOC Complaints

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for investigating complaints of alleged workplace discrimination. You must first file a complaint with the EEOC before you can take legal action against an employer.  Your best first step is to contact us and let us guide you through the filing process.

You’ll first meet with an EEOC counselor who will evaluate your complaint.  If you receive notice from your counselor to move forward with your filing, you’ll have 15 calendar days to formally file at the same office where you met with your counselor.  Time is short so make sure you put us to work as soon as you receive notice.

Personal Injury

Whether you are injured at work; at home; in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident; by a defective product; or by some other dangerous condition our lawyers can help you.  We are experienced in personal injury law-particularly with how injuries affect your ability to work and earn a living.  Call us today for a free consultation at 901-737-7740.

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