Personal injury can happen to anybody on the job

Personal injury can happen for someone driving their truck making a delivery, an Uber driver late at night or someone just driving to meet a client for lunch. We help people get back on their feet and making money.

Personal Injury Practice Area

If you or a loved one are injured…

  • at work
  • at home
  • in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident
  • in a nursing home
  • by medical malpractice
  • by a defective product, or
  • by some other dangerous condition…

… our personal injury lawyers can help you.

We have decades of experience in personal injury law, particularly with how injuries can affect your ability to work and earn a living. The team at The Crone Law Firm is also qualified to take on class action situations where a large number of people have been wronged by an individual, business, or civic entity.

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These cases can be any time anybody gets hurt, and they need to collect compensation for their injuries. Automobile accidents are the most common accidents that people correlate to these matters. However, they can happen to people at work. People can use a defective product or slip and fall on the job. Then, they need compensation for the time off at work. Any injury that makes someone miss work and go to the hospital, we consider that to be a personal injury case.

Medical malpractice is also a specific type special personal injury case. A few examples of a physician’s negligence causing injury to you include mistakes made during surgery, medication errors, reading x-rays incorrectly, failing to properly diagnose, or performing a medical service without obtaining the patient’s informed consent.

Nursing home abuse is another distinct area of personal injury law. Sadly, abuse and neglect of the elderly are common throughout Missouri and Tennessee. There are many signs to look for if you are concerned with nursing home abuse or neglect of a loved one. A few examples include unexplained injuries/bruises, repeated falls, bedsores, malnutrition or unexplained weight loss, infections, fear or anxiousness at being left in the nursing home, depression, or unexplained sedation of the patient. There are many other signs the nursing home staff is neglecting your loved one, but if you have concerns, don’t delay in ensuring the safety of your loved one. Immediately report your suspicions and contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to help you understand what steps you need to take and how to recover for the damages suffered.

Should I See a Doctor After My Accident?

The short answer is “yes!” It is critical to seek medical care even if you do not immediately feel injured after your accident. Your adrenaline or shock could be masking the pain. It is also possible you have underlying injuries that you are not aware of, so getting prompt medical care can prevent these injuries from getting worse.

Additionally, seeking medical care will be beneficial in proving the validity of your claim. Your medical records are an essential piece of evidence in supporting your case. If you delay seeking treatment, the insurance company will argue your injuries were not serious, or even that they are nonexistent, to decrease your settlement amount.

Recoverable Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Missouri and Tennessee personal injury laws provide victims can recover all economic damages or costs paid out-of-pocket resulting from the injury. The most common economic damages are medical bills and property repairs. In addition, a victim of personal injury may also recover non-economic damages, also referred to as pain and suffering. Finally, in certain circumstances, a personal injury victim may also recover punitive damages if it is proven that the at-fault party intentionally harmed you.

Below are personal injury damages that you may be able to recover:

  • Medical expenses, past and future, including costs for physical therapy, prescription medications, nursing care, and assistive devices
  • Loss of wages or future earnings, including lost bonuses, promotions, and work-related travel
  • Property damage expenses
  • Accommodations for resulting disability
  • Emotional distress, trauma, depression, or anxiety
  • Permanent disability or chronic pain
  • Loss of quality of life

What we hope to do, is to maximize a person’s recovery, and use our skill and reputation in that area to settle outside of court quicker with better results.

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