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We also try to help our business clients identify and solve other related problems that might be contributing to the legal problems in businesses of all sizes. A business divorce is a complicated matter. We are here to help.

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When to Hire a Business Divorce Lawyer?

There are several signs that a business divorce is forthcoming. Depending on the type of business structure, disputes may be easy or very complicated to resolve. Below are a few warning signs that your business could be headed to a business divorce:

  • If the business was created under the agreement that all partners would have balanced duties in order to successfully operate, but there is a general consensus that one (or more) of the partners is not doing his or her fair share of the work;
  • If the partners have different approaches or conflicting work styles creating dissension; and
  • If serious disagreements about the fundamental characteristics of the business are occurring.

If you are seeing any warning signs that your business partners are in conflict that could lead to going separate ways, contact a business divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Having an attorney involved can increase the chances of a smoother separation of the partners and avoid costly litigation.

How to Have a Successful Business Divorce

Once the decision has been made that business partners are going to go their separate ways, the goal should be to accomplish the business divorce as quickly and as reasonably possible for all parties involved. The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at The Crone Law Firm can assist with the following issues often involved in a business divorce:

  • Retaining business evaluation experts to accurately assess the value of the entity;
  • Ensuring that tax issues are properly handled;
  • Working with private investigators who can discover key information about your partnership;
  • Effectively negotiating terms for co-owners;
  • Properly handling any outstanding agreements among co-owners or contracts with suppliers, purchasers, contractors, or any other third parties involved with the business; and
  • Overseeing employment law matters associated with the business divorce.

Understand Your Rights

When your business partnership or agreement has turned sour and you want to end the relationship, you need to understand your rights before closing your company and dividing assets and liabilities. We can analyze every possible scenario and the corresponding financial implications.

We can also help you end property leases and other contractual obligations while keeping your best interests in mind. We will help resolve equity compensation disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or trial if necessary. Don’t try to dissolve your business on your own. Count on us to guide you to a satisfactory resolution.

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Business to Business

Disputes between businesses are often among the most complex legal scenarios. Yet when a business finds itself in a situation where its ability to earn is threatened or has already been jeopardized, that entity must defend itself. Sometimes the best help is a business divorce attorney who can help the parties reach an agreement.

Count on The Crone Law Firm to Vigorously Represent You

One of the unfortunate by-products of our society is a loss of honor and ethics in business. More and more business people seek to gain a competitive advantage via illegal methods or conduct, Enron and WorldCom are the most visible examples of this. Legal redress is often the most effective, sure and speedy means to eliminate this type of threat be it a failure to honor an agreement in a contract, infringement on a patent, trademark, or trade name, unfair competitive conduct, theft of trade secrets or other harmful conduct.

How We Work to Solve Business Disputes

Our approach is to solve your problem. And to do that, we conduct an intensive investigation and evaluation of the case and all options available to you. We then develop a step-by-step plan to resolve the dispute, a plan that might entail negotiation, mediation, or a lawsuit.

Below are examples of business agreements or disputes that our experienced attorneys can assist you with:

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