Retaliation – Whistleblowing

We protect whistleblowers against retaliation from disclosing illegal activity

The illegal activity may be sexual harassment, or a violation such as unlawful pollution practices. The federal government and many states have laws protecting whistleblowers from retaliation for filing a claim or reporting a violation. Employees are also protected in most states by general statutes or common law.

Whistleblower Practice Area

The law protects people who complain about illegal conduct at work or refuse to remain silent about such conduct.

If you have made a claim of harassment or discrimination at work or if you have helped someone make a similar claim, your employer cannot fire, demote, harass, or reassign you.

If you have reported your employer to OSHA, the Department of Labor or any government investigator for conduct you reasonably believe is illegal or against a governmental regulation, you are most likely protected as well.

If you are a victim of retaliation after your employer’s illegal conduct, our team will try to help you keep your job, negotiate an exit strategy, or pursue a claim for retaliatory discharge or wrongful termination.