Sheila Lindsey

Sheila Lindsey

Operations Manager

After working in law firms for over 20 years, nothing can surprise me anymore, but no day is ever the same. I look forward to each new day in front of me!”


Sheila is originally from a small town in the Mississippi Delta where she started her career as a Legal Assistant. She has over 20 years’ experience as an administrative professional working in the legal field.

She moved to the Memphis area in 2002, and in 2005 she joined the Crone & Mason Law Firm where she worked side-by-side with the firm co-founder, Alan G. Crone, as his Executive Secretary/Legal Assistant. She later took on the role of Legal Administrator and manage the financial aspects of the business until 2010.

Prior to re-joining The Crone Law Firm in 2019, she worked with several law firms in the Memphis area as both a Legal Assistant & Paralegal. She is experienced in many phases of our firm, but now specifically supervises all our administrative functions as Legal Administrator.

When not spending time with her children and grandchildren, Sheila enjoys playing tennis, or being at the family lake house.

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