Legal representation before the Tennessee Court of Appeals, the Tennessee Supreme Court, a United States Circuit Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of the United States requires a specific knowledge of processes, as these cases involve legal issues based on a trial or case which has already been decided by a court at the trial level.At The Crone Law Firm, we are commonly called upon to handle appeals to these courts due to our vast experience in these areas.

When employed for this purpose, our first action is to familiarize ourselves with the case. This means spending vast amounts of time with the trial record and exhibits. To do our job, we must know the factual record better than the lawyers who tired the case – so we make sure we do. Upon studying the factual and legal records, several issues will likely reveal themselves for appeal. Working with the client and trial council, we then select the best issues to pursue.

If you need the specialized skills required for appeals, contact us at 901-737-7740. Attorney, Alan Crone, is very experienced with the appeals process, and can help in any type of employment case.

What You Need to Know About Appeals Cases in Tennessee

Our experience with the Tennessee Court of Appeals for the Western Section gives us unique insight into the best ways to present arguments and legal reasoning to an appellate court. Memphis, TN is in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio. These kinds of cases are very specific and can be costly, but our attorneys help find all different types of solutions for your appeal to make sure that you are using the right strategy for your matter.

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