Five and Five Workshop

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Five and Five Workshop:


The Five and Five Workshop is a way to teach small business owners how to improve their businesses while also looking toward the future. Business coach, Bridget DiCello, and employment attorney, Alan Crone, talk to small business owners about how to get ready for the ever changing business climate.

Furthermore, business owners are grasping for air in a post recession world. Even though we have been separated from the recession for six years, people are still feeling the affects. Business owners are good people that are trying to earn their living themselves.

We at the Crone Law Firm are proud of people that bet on themselves. We love meeting entrepreneurs that work tirelessly to improve their own situation. People that bet on themselves are people that work harder than anyone, and we respect them for that.

One of the reasons that Alan is so passionate about helping entrepreneurs is he’s an entrepreneur himself. He understand the trials and tribulations that go into being an entrepreneur. Thank you so much to Bridget DiCello for letting Alan participate in this workshop. We hope the information he gave will help your clients improve their businesses. Let’s Go Get Some Justice!

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