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PPP Loans: How Do I Survive This?

Alan Crone, the CEO of The Crone Law Firm, shares tips on how to ensure businesses are properly utilizing government funds, like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). He encourages businesses to develop working relationships with local bankers and have a plan on how to best utilize the funds in accordance with the regulations to avoid unexpected fees or outcomes. Crone also encourages good communication to employees and the public on what your business is doing to help prevent the spread in your operation…

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Alan Crone sits down with cityCURRENT host Jeremy Park to talk all things PPP loans. The Paycheck Protection Program was developed to help assist small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. These loans are used to help small businesses pay payroll during the pandemic when every one needs to stay home for their own safety.

As an experienced employment attorney, Alan has seen many different forms of aid that have gone to both big and small businesses. He discusses these on this hour long radio spot. Please click the link above to check out everything Alan has to say and more! Thank you cityCurrent for having him on your show!

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