We’re All Responsible for Safe Workplaces

safe workplaces

We’re All Responsible for Safe Workplaces

READ MORE by: Alan Crone

Alan Crone was lucky enough to be asked by the Daily Memphian to be a guest columnist to talk about safe workplaces.

During the COVID19 pandemic, everybody has been talking about making every workplace as safe as possible. Employment attorney Alan Crone can help define what is a safe workplace defined by OSHA and the CDC.

This whole year has been a dark time in our world, and for some people their second home is their workplace. People need to feel safe when they are at work, and the only way to make that happen is to create a safe working environment. That can be defined both to protect employees from diseases, but also to protect employees from sexual harassment and workplace discrimination.

We can get through this together if we all buy into the necessary measures to keep each other safe. I am proud of how our firm has made our offices safe for our employees.

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