Client Denise Higdon Starts WorkSite CARE Clinic

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denise higdon

We are so proud of our client Denise Higdon for starting WorkSite CARE Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee. Denise has been a business client of ours for over seven years. Denise is passionate about getting people to work just like us. She focuses on getting people jobs that they are qualified for physically. She has worked with factory workers, firefighters, warehouse employees and many more workers that have hard, demanding, and physical jobs. At WorkSite CARE Clinic, she focuses on:

  1. Job Testing
  2. Drug Screening
  3. Physicals
  4. Workcare
  5. Return to Work
  6. Ergonomics

When asked about her business’s change, Denise Higdon had this to say, “After decades of new hire physicals, ergonomics, and return to work testing, we’re excited to add acute industrial injury services and re-brand as WorkSite CARE Clinic.”

We are so proud of her, and so proud of all of our business formation clients. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter is for Denise and all of our clients.

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