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We represent employees, executives, and entrepreneurs throughout the United States, with offices in Tennessee and Missouri. If what happened to you is unfair, you can do something about it. Take Action.

We Can Help In These Areas and More

Our employment law attorneys are passionate about workplace conflict. Drawing upon decades of experience, specialized techniques and philosophies, and a proven team approach, we’ll create a customized strategy for your specific situation. You deserve the undivided attention of our entire group of professionals.

When the Stakes are High

When your financial future is at stake, or your business is on the line, or your integrity and reputation are attacked, you need an employment law team that focuses on your specific situation to help you make careful, informed decisions.

What Businesses Need To Know About Coronavirus

If you have questions about how the Coronavirus affects your business, we have the answers. From filing for the new unemployment benefits to applying for the stimulus package, we’re on top of the rapidly changing laws you need to understand.

Coranovirus detail

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