age discrimination

Age discrimination is when an employer favors or disfavors somebody because of their age. Either in hiring, promoting, or termination, or any other adverse employment action. This can manifest itself in favoring older workers, which is actually legal under the act. If you favor hiring older workers, a younger worker doesn’t have an age discrimination claim. But if someone discriminates because of someone’s age, then that is age discrimination and we’ve seen cases involving hiring, where an employer has said, “I’m not going to hire anyone over a certain age.” But most frequently comes about in termination, when a worker gets to be a certain age and companies start to look to lower the age profile of their workforce.

As the baby boomer generation gets older, this is an area of the law that is coming more and more into play and becoming more and more important. Certainly, a category of case that we see frequently here at the firm and our attorneys handle a number of age discrimination cases, so we thought it would be a good time to talk about it for a few minutes and hopefully we can help some folks who may have some questions about whether or not they’re the victims of age discrimination or if they’re concerned … They’re business owners and they’re concerned about committing age discrimination and ways to make sure they comply with the law. As always, we’ll go through. We’ve got five or six questions that have been submitted that we are frequently asked and we’ll try to answer those questions for you today.

*This is a transcript of the Facebook Live video from 7-5-18  Click here to watch the video.

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