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In our free market economy, it is illegal for an industry or group of businesses to agree to fix prices in collusion without letting pure market forces set prices. This is the basis of an antitrust lawsuit. At The Crone Law Firm, we vigorously represent companies and individuals who believe they are the victims of illegal price fixing.Price fixers are often discovered by an arm of the government that regularly investigate such matters. However, plaintiffs who are wronged in these antitrust situations require representation in class action suits or stand-alone cases in order to recover their unique damages.

So, we at The Crone Law Firm can help you figure out how to handle these situations while being able to take the stress away from our clients. Let us handle your situation, and go to work for you! We believe in our clients position as much as we believe in our attorneys and staff members. Should you find yourself the victim of collusion of this nature, contact antitrust attorney Alan Crone at 901-737-7740. You can schedule a consultation with him that will provide you with tremendous information on antitrust laws, and a full strategy on how to combat your situation, even if it can be done without legal action.

What You Need to Know About Antitrust Lawsuits

Since there is usually such a tremendous amount of money at stake in antitrust suits, the defendants engage in protracted motion practice and discovery before they are willing to engage in settlement negotiations.

The Crone Law Firm prepares every case as if it will go to trial. We focus on making sure that we follow each step properly ahead of trial, settlement, or arbitration. Our antitrust attorneys will walk you though each step of how to handle your specific claim.

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