Business Divorce, Equity Compensation, and Ownership Agreements

Business Divorce Attorney Serving the Memphis, Tennessee Area

Individuals with equity in a business have a vested interest in how that business is divided. When issues arise concerning how your business associates divide or plan to divide business profits, The Crone Law Firm is here for your Business Divorce, and to get your proper equity compensation.

For years, we have helped countless people resolve equity compensation disputes via negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and lawsuits. Our business lawyers located in Memphis and St. Louis specialize in equity compensation matters in business divorces.

We can also help you negotiate and draft ownership agreements to resolve situations before they arise. And if these situations lead to buy-sell agreements and “successive planning”, our experience can help you wade through all issues.

To learn more about your equity compensation and ownership rights, contact Alan Crone at 901-737-7740.

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You Need to Know

Buy-Sell Agreements and “Successive Planning” are issues arising when one partner or owner is looking to retire or “move on.” In closely held companies, disputes are over the fair and equitable way to proceed or over the fair market value of the business. We help people plan to avoid these disputes, and we help resolve these disputes once they arise.

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