Business or Professional Defamation or Disparagement

Business or professional defamation or disparagement, how does a company spot it and can they pursue it?

When a person makes false, disparaging remarks about an individual or company that damages said entity’s reputation and standing in the community, The Crone Law Firm knows just what to do.

First, our defamation attorneys conduct exhaustive investigations into the conflict to determine how strong our client’s case may be. From there, we take our experience and expertise and craft a strategy to meet the pre-stated goals of our client. The tactics to address that strategy may include everything from negotiation to litigation. Yet we will charge headlong into no process without the full expectation of an advantageous result. We prepare every case to go to trial. However, we are always looking into different avenues to fix a situation, like mediation or arbitration.

In the end, our intent is to bring about an end to offensive characterizations, or if damage had already been suffered, getting the largest monetary award while incurring the least amount of transaction cost.

If you would like to discuss a Business or Professional Defamation or Disparagement case, call Alan Crone at 901-737-7740. Alan is always ready to talk to breadwinners about fixing their legal problems that are impeding their ability to make money. A damaged reputation is one of those problems.

What You Need to Know About Defamation

These types of cases are normally very expensive to pursue due to the enormous amount of time required for discovery. So make sure your attorney believes you have a valid argument before embarking on a lawsuit. We always makes sure that you are aware ahead of time of the cost before filing a lawsuit. The Crone Law Firm focuses on making your situation resolve itself with as little stress on our clients as possible.

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