How Can I file for My Unemployment Benefits Through the CARE Act?

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  2. How Can I file for My Unemployment Benefits Through the CARE Act?
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According to the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, it will take a few days for it to sort out with the federal government how to get the enhanced COVID Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits payments to claimants through the CARE Act.  In particular it may take a few days to sort out how to get payments to independent contractors, self-employed persons, business owners and gig economy workers.

According to its website, the TDOLWD advises that, the fastest and most efficient way to file an unemployment claim is to go to

Due to the high volume of claims because of the COVID-19 emergency and the CARE Act recently passing, if you file with any other method you could significantly delay the processing of your claim.

  • You are required to certify online each Sunday to notify the state you are still not working.
  • You can check the status of your claim on your dashboard at
  • If you are locked out of your account you may submit a ticket to
  • If your place of employment is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, please indicate a return to work date. If you are unsure of the return to work date, use the date 16 weeks from the day of filing.
  • The state can provide your weekly benefit payment through direct deposit or debit card. You can choose which method when you file your claim.
  • Your unemployment benefit is considered taxable income. You can choose to have federal taxes deducted from your weekly payment.
  • The maximum weekly benefit in Tennessee is $275 before federal taxes are deducted.
  • The state determines your weekly benefit based on your earning over the past 18 months.
  • When you receive your debit card, if there are issues, you should contact Conduit at 855-462-5887.
  • The COVID-19 emergency has created an enormous demand on the unemployment insurance system. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development is doing everything possible to process claims.

Check out Alan’s video below concerning this situation.

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