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Well, the EEOC has a website,, and that has their telephone numbers, and their local office address information. You can find your local office on the website. As I say, most major cities have a district or regional office of the EEOC, and you can find them in the blue pages of the telephone book, for those of you who still have a telephone book. If you don’t, then you can certainly find it online by searching for your local EEOC office. The EEOC’s website has a location binder on it where you can search, tell them where you live, what your ZIP Code is, and it will show you where your closest local office is. You can file a complaint either online or inperson. I really recommend the in-person filing, because then you can sit down and talk with an investigator personally. It may take a little bit more time and a little more effort, but I really think that effort is worth it.  It’s just like anything where you may get better results in person as opposed to over the phone. Contact our Memphis EEOC lawyers today to help you file your claim.

*This is a transcript of the Facebook Live video from 5-18-18  Click here to watch the video.

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