Top Reasons Why You Should Hire an Employment Lawyer

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  2. Top Reasons Why You Should Hire an Employment Lawyer
Top Reasons Why You Should Hire an Employment Lawyer

If you are considering working with an employment attorney, it is important to discover if he/she represents employers, employees, or both. An employment lawyer focuses on ensuring that the legal rights of employees are protected, and that the employer is treating the employee fairly. Employers also have legal rights. The law protects both, so many clients prefer to work with a law firm that focuses on their specific needs. The employment lawyers at Crone Law Firm focus on employees, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Depending upon your position with your company, you may be asked by your employer to sign numerous legal documents as part of your employment. These documents may address a variety of matters that can impact you for a very long time, so it is important to confer with an experienced employment lawyer to ensure you are being protected. Below are five of the top reasons why employees should retain an employment attorney:


  1. You will receive professional advice regarding your legal rights and obligations.

Working with an employment lawyer from the start of your employment means you have an advocate protecting your rights in all the legal documents governing your employment relationship. If issues later arise, that lawyer is knowledgeable and prepared to assist you. The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous issues that employees have never had to deal with before. What if your employer requires employee vaccinations to return to work? Can your employer conduct rapid testing while you are at work? What sort of liability does your employer have during the pandemic, especially if you are working from home? Having an attorney on your side can provide you with the answers you need before legal trouble arises.

  1. You will understand your pay structure, benefit packages and termination rules.

The most common employment law issues involve an employee’s pay, benefits or termination matters. During the pandemic, many employers faced serious financial issues which led to an increase in terminations. Your employment attorney can review the circumstances surrounding your termination and determine whether your legal rights were violated.

  1. You have an advocate that will fight for you if you were treated unfairly.

If you have a claim for wrongful termination, an employment lawyer can handle negotiating your claim on your behalf. This reduces the time, effort and stress that you endure, which allows you to focus on more important matters. Additionally, if litigation becomes necessary, you already have your legal team in place. This also indicates to your employer that you are taking your claim seriously and are willing to fight for your rights.

  1. You can get immediate help if you are exposed to an unsafe work environment.

The law requires employers to ensure workers have a safe working environment. If you are exposed to hazardous chemicals, toxic waste, or other forms of dangerous conditions in your work environment, you need immediate help. A negligent employer is not only harmful to you, but to other employees at the company. Your employment attorney can act quickly to pursue your valid claim and ensure you are justly compensated for your damages suffered, but also take action to stop the negligent behavior of the employer.

  1. You will obtain the best outcome possible.

When you have an experienced employment lawyer working for you, it helps ensure that you obtain the best result. Your attorney knows the law, knows how the legal system works, and knows how to best present your case so that you are fairly and justly compensated for your damages.

Whether your employee intentionally or unintentionally breaks the law, an employment attorney can help you navigate how to recover for your damages suffered. You can count on the wrongful termination law team at the Crone Law Firm to help you deal with the emotional, financial, and professional implications you will face. Whatever the case, we’ll work with you every step of the way.  We’re your attorneys and your unwavering supporters.

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