What to Look for When Hiring an Employment Lawyer

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What to Look for When Hiring an Employment Lawyer

At some point or another, many individuals need the services of a competent employment lawyer. Whether it’s to draft an employment agreement, explore options on a potential discrimination case, or to obtain guidance on a business divorce, there are many instances in which the skills and knowledge of an employment lawyer will be necessary. Finding the right lawyer for your circumstances may be daunting, but research is essential, as with any other important transaction and business relationship.

Starting Your Search

One of the best ways to find a trusted employment lawyer is to ask your network. Request referrals from family, friends, the folks at church, or other trusted individuals in your life. It’s a great idea to ask for specific qualities and limitations of the lawyers they recommend, not just their names. What is important to you may not be as important to the next person, so consider your “non-negotiables.” For example, does the lawyer need to be experienced for a certain number of years? How close by does their office need to be? Are you concerned about the lawyer’s personality, or are you solely focused on the service they provide?

If you have multiple prospects, you may want to go ahead and schedule initial consultations with each lawyer to determine whether the relationship could be the right fit. At this initial consultation, be prepared to discuss your issue in detail and ask questions. Observe the lawyer’s words and actions, and weigh the following qualities:

Skills & Experience

Remember that a general practitioner involved in several legal disciplines may not have sufficient expertise in your employment law issue. Moreover, it is about more than just the years a lawyer has practiced employment law. A lawyer may have an impressive number of years under their belt and may not be a suitable fit for your case. You want any employment lawyer under consideration to establish a record of success, whether the accomplishment entails negotiating settlements or litigating the case.

Emotional Intelligence

Ensure that the lawyer is willing to learn about the intricacies of your case and is interested in helping you. The right lawyer will make you feel heard and understood instead of leaving you feeling like a number at the end of a consultation.

Communication Skills

If the lawyer speaks in legalese and explains simple concepts in esoteric language, consider whether the lawyer’s wordy and unclear language will affect how you understand the details of your own case. For the sake of efficiency and to avoid misunderstanding, concepts are best communicated in plain English.

Sufficient Availability

Will the lawyer be accessible for meetings at your convenience, as opposed to his or hers? How fast can you anticipate a return call in an emergency? How often do you expect a case update?

Good Rapport

You should also ensure that you and the lawyer you hire have compatible personalities. Consider whether you feel comfortable with this lawyer. Will I feel at ease asking questions and discussing matters of concern? This is especially important in employment law matters because a meeting with your lawyer may involve discussing sensitive details or encounters (e.g., harassment or discrimination cases).

Positive Online Presence

There are several websites to read reviews left by former clients, such as Google, Avvo, Facebook, and the law firm’s website. Clients’ past experiences are often the best predictors of what you can expect from working with a law firm.

In addition, the law firm’s website should be accommodating and ideally provides you with information about the firm and several ways to contact it. Pay attention to the law firm’s website and the content within it. Does it mostly focus on the lawyer(s) and their accomplishments, or is it client-focused and geared toward answering questions? Websites often tell us a story about a law firm. Ask yourself what a website tells you about the firm’s culture and attitude toward solving client issues.

Employment Lawyers are Ready to Help

Whether your employer intentionally or unintentionally breaks the law, an employment lawyer can help you navigate how to recover for the damages suffered. You can count on the wrongful termination law team at the Crone Law Firm to help you deal with the emotional, financial, and professional implications you will face.

Whatever the case, we’ll work with you every step of the way. We’re your lawyers and your unwavering supporters. We are passionate about resolving workplace disputes and know the law inside and out. Call us at 901-737-7740 or fill out an online client form here to see how we can help. Let’s go get some justice!

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