When Gender Discrimination is an Issue at Work

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  2. When Gender Discrimination is an Issue at Work
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The awareness of gender discrimination and the enforcement of consequences for those who commit such behaviors has increased over recent years. Unfortunately, despite common knowledge it still often happens in the workplace. Sometimes, a person may not even realize they are being discriminated against due to their gender. In other times, the discrimination is obvious and happens more than once.

For those who believe this form of unfair treatment is happening to them while at work, should consult with a sex discrimination attorney immediately. We understand you may be afraid to report your suspicions or specific incidents, but you deserve to work in a safe environment and be paid equally for it.

In the article to follow, we have provided more information about sex discrimination, including a definition and in what ways you may be experiencing unfair treatment.

Definition of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination occurs when a person is treated differently due to their gender, whether male or female. Discrimination in this form is unlawful, no matter what gender a person identifies with.

Benefits for Men & Women

Employers are not permitted to provide different degrees of coverage or benefits to an employee due to their gender. Regardless of the employee’s role in the family unit, they are to receive an equal opportunity for benefits. An employer is not allowed to make benefits available:

  • For the wife and family of a male worker, in which equal benefits were not made accessible for the husband and family of a female worker;
  • For the wife of a male worker, in which equal benefits were not made accessible for a female worker;
  • For the husband of a female worker, in which equal benefits were not made accessible for a male worker.

Additionally, it is also unlawful for an employer to offer a retirement, pension or other plan that has different options for people based on their gender.

Pregnancy Discrimination

If an employee were to become pregnant, it is illegal for this person to be treated unfairly due to this news. Pregnancy is viewed as a temporary disability, and expectant mothers are to receive the same benefits, treatment and promotional opportunities as their coworkers.

It is also possible for someone who is applying for a job to feel gender discrimination. If your interviewer asks if you are planning to have a family in the near future, are currently pregnant, or anticipate needing maternity leave at any point during your employment, you should contact an attorney right away.

Attorney Assistance

Sex discrimination attorneys believe in fair treatment for all people. A reputable lawyer can help you fight for justice due to acts of discrimination in the workplace. We understand you may be worried about what may happen if you report such an issue. Always remember that you deserve to feel safe, respected and paid fairly at work. The offending person or company should be held responsible so they do not continue to mistreat people based on their gender status.

If you’ve been fired due to discrimination, call a wrongful termination lawyer right away. Thanks to our friends from Cohen & Cohen for their insight into wrongful termination.

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