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Stay Motivated at Work

3 Ways To Stay Motivated At Work During The Holidays: The Pawffice

Work is hard. Being able to stay motivated at work is hard. Every day I have to be on my best behavior while in the office. I have to sit when I’m told to sit, stay when told to stay, not jump on anyone ever (which I feel is dumb), and not bark at anything ever. How else am I supposed to protect the office if I can’t bark at people coming into the office that I don’t know?!

But I digress. I need to stay motivated at work, but it’s tough right now because I know the holidays are coming up, and I am so excited. Why would a dog be excited about Christmas? My owner will give me a new bone, new toys to destroy, and some people sneak me more food during the holidays. So I’m pumped, but I’ve noticed my co-workers are more worried about the holidays than excited.

They are worried about getting their dogs new bones or toys. At least I assume they are shopping for their dogs. Why would they care about shopping for anyone other than me? Whether you are stressed or excited for the holidays, I have three tips to stay motivated at work!

Finishing The Year Strong

One thing that Alan Crone tells everyone in the office is to finish strong. He says that year-round. Working on deposition prep? Finish strong. Working on discovery? Finish strong. Working on a marketing or intake project? Finish strong. Alan believes that whatever you start, you need to finish it as best you can.

It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big. If you are able to get a lot of tasks done before the holidays, then you will be able to enjoy the holidays more! Finishing strong can be finishing one project that’s been hanging over your head all year, or cleaning your office to start fresh in 2023. It can be anything! Finish the year strong to enjoy your holiday season!

Don’t Over Commit

People are going to ask you for too much during the holidays. They are going to invite you to parties, add extra people to your holiday gatherings, and ask you to cook extra dishes. Don’t let it be the same way at work. You can’t finish strong if people keep giving you more to do at the end of the year. If someone gives me a new bone to chew on, then the old one may as well be gone because I’m not touching it again. It no longer exists, and I am happy with my new bone. Stay focused on your end of year projects, and don’t over commit at the very end. That’s 2023’s problem.

Don’t Take Your Work Home

Obviously, you shouldn’t take your work home during any part of the year, but sometimes it’s inevitable. When I get home from work, I want to continue my alert protection of everything and everyone, but it’s exhausting. I have to relax or I’ll go crazy, even if that does mean I miss barking at a squirrel or two outside the window. I barked at enough random stuff at work to worry about them at home. However, sometimes those guys just get too close and I have to take care of business.

This is the same thing for humans. You don’t ever want to take work home, but you have to in order to stay ahead. Right now, is the worst time to take work home with you because it takes away from time spent getting ready for holiday prep. It can take away from cooking, holiday movie night with the family, gift shopping, or gift wrapping. If all of that piles up on you, then that’s all you’re thinking about at work. You need to focus on work at work, and the holidays at home.

3 Ways To Stay Motivated At Work During The Holidays

I hope these topics help keep you motivated. We all can’t be motivated by treats and walks like I am. I appreciate everybody that has read these blogs over the last year. I’m excited to keep writing them, and I can’t wait for all the content I can make next year for the firm! Follow us on TikTok for more Pawffice content going into next year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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