The Pawffice: 3 Things Archie Can Teach You About Employment Law

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The Pawffice: 3 Things Archie Can Teach You About Employment Law

As a recently hired employee of The Crone Law Firm, hired to run the The Pawffice division, I wanted to share with you the tricks and lessons I’ve learned since joining the firm.  For starters, there are lots of unexpected noises when I’m trying to nap on the floor and, well, let’s just say it didn’t go well when I tried to choose my office space by marking my territory. I have had to learn the ropes and, sadly, not the tugging kind I found out recently. I’ll be a good boy, and break each of them down for you.

Harassment At Work

Unlike at home, I cannot jump on to people with my front paws to greet them. Why isn’t this acceptable at work? My owner loves it when she comes home from work, and I greet her with my overly aggressive and energetic hugs. Here, however, it’s some kind of problem. I learned that this can be a category of harassment in the workplace. People can’t walk up and touch their co-workers, it’s that simple.

Whether it’s a hug, pat on the back or any other unwanted touching, you can’t just bark and jump on people. I like getting pets literally all the time, but not everyone does. I’ve made sure to stop since some people are uncomfortable. I found out I get more treats that way anyway!

Contracts and Agreements

I have noticed that many humans have problems at their jobs if they don’t have contracts that protect them as employees. A simple sit, handshake, treat agreement is not good enough for these people, as they always need everything in writing. Attorney Alan Crone, who always tells me that I’m being a good boy at work, reads contracts for people all day to make sure they are good enough.

Apparently, the world is not full of good boys like me, and they are always trying to light each other on fire for some reason? I don’t like fire. It’s too hot. I don’t know why humans talk about firing other humans, or getting fired. It sounds scary, and a good contract can help you avoid it.

Break Time and Proper Pay

As an hourly employee, I have to work 40 hours a week. A healthy dog needs to sleep for on average 16 hours a day, so I still need my naps. Luckily, there are laws that can help me rest! I’m allowed a full hour break for lunch. I don’t sit down for lunch since I just go to my bowls whenever I want. It only takes me twenty seconds to eat my lunch. So, I get to use my lunch for a full nap, and I’m entitled to that under federal law.

A Last Note from Archie

Working all day is really hard and tiring. I was always wondering why my owners would come home from work all tired and not wanting to play with me. But I get it now. Working is really hard, and I had no idea that there are so many rules to follow while you’re at work. I can’t wait to learn and write more about what I learn about employment law throughout the year!

The Pawffice

Archie will be writing The Pawffice each month to teach people what he has learned while working at The Crone Law Firm. To view subjects in greater detail, click the links in the article to learn more about each special practice of employment law. To view The Crone Law Firm’s full blog series, click right here for more! To view Archie’s first Pawffice assignment, which was to fill out his own bracket for the office NCAA March Madness contest, the video is linked below!

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