My Company is Firing Me For No Reason At All, Can They Do That?

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  2. My Company is Firing Me For No Reason At All, Can They Do That?
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The answer to that question is yes. If they’re firing you for no reason then they’re not firing you for an illegal reason. What we look for in cases to determine if someone has legal recourse for being fired is they must be fired for being in a protected category or for engaging in some sort of protected activity. Protected categories are things like your race, sex, national origin, religion, age, color, that sort of thing.

Protected activity is did I do something that gives me legal protection. Did I refuse to remain silent about or refused to participate in illegal activity? Did I report my company for example to OSHA for safety violations or did I report a discriminatory act based on someone being in a protected category? Did I serve on a jury and I was out for jury duty and so therefore they fired me because I didn’t come to work because I was on jury duty? Did I file a worker’s comp claim and so that’s why they fired me or did I take extended family medical leave or other kinds of protected leave. Did I have a disability that I was retaliated against for asking for reasonable accommodation? All of that is protected activity that if you’re fired for that reason the company may be liable to you for damages for wrongful termination.

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