The Crone Law Firm Salutes Essential Workers

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  2. The Crone Law Firm Salutes Essential Workers
heroes work here

Essential workers, thank you for your service. If you are having problems on the job, contact us to see if we can help. You deserve better!  Medical Leave. Overtime. Discrimination. Contract Questions. We are here to reduce any added illegal stress!

We at The Crone Law Firm are here to help essential workers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We believe that it is important for us to help as many people that are currently working, and have lost their jobs, as best we can.

Please fill out our form on your right to talk to our staff about your legal situation. You will get a call back from us to listen to your situation, and try to get you set up with one of our attorneys! For more information about our firm Click Here to learn about everything we do, and Click Here to learn why we do it. Call us at (901) 737-7740 to talk to one of our staff members directly. Thank you so much for keeping us safe and working hard during this pandemic! Let’s go get some justice!®

This is our video that shows who we are and what we stand for. Please check this video out!
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