Archie’s 5 Tips to Good Work Life Balance

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Archie’s 5 Tips to Good Work Life Balance

Now that I’m a working dog, there is always something to do. Whether it’s creating a new policy for pets or learning which of my co-workers will give me some of their food, I have a lot going on that can keep me in the office. Most of my co-workers seem to feel the same.

Now that it’s almost summer time, they have been talking about how they can get out of the office to take their own dogs on walks. As Chief Canine Officer at The Crone Law Firm, I am very pro-walk after work. Here are my 5 tips to good work life balance so you can enjoy those summer walks.

Develop a Schedule

I do the same things every day. I eat at the same time. I sleep at the same time. I play at the same time. It is almost like someone has trained me to fit their schedule perfectly with theirs. That would be creepy. Who would do that?

But my schedule helps me get all of my jobs done on time. I can’t move on to fetch if I haven’t helped HR fill out expense reports. I can’t have lunch until I edit Ask Alan! The Podcast. I can’t take a nap until I’ve helped our intake team with calls. If I follow my schedule, I’ll be able to enjoy that walk.

Don’t Take Work Home With You

I haven’t taken any of my work home with me because I don’t have thumbs, but my owner has. When I see him take his tiny computer home, I know that means one thing. No walks. It’s sad, and I don’t like it.

He seems really tired already, and it only makes him more tired and makes him sleep worse. There needs to be a barrier between work and home life. Sometimes the work needs to stop so he can rest. When he works from home all day, he has to go in a different room than where we like to watch TV and play. That helps to keep it all separate. When he can keep his work during work time, he gets more done, and we get to play more.

Learn To Say No

I get told no all the time. Don’t jump on people, don’t go in there, don’t eat other people’s food, and don’t chew on the gavels around the office. It’s annoying, but it makes my co-workers less stressed when they tell me no. I’ve noticed that they have a harder time telling each other no.

They all tell me how busy they are, but whenever anyone asks them for anything they all say sure. When I don’t want to do something, I just lay down and pretend I’m asleep. Telling them no, helps me get more done while being less stressed. Don’t just tell dogs no, make your work life balance easier by telling your co-workers no too.

Have Fun At Work

Let’s be real. Work is boring. I have already been banned from having chew toys with squeakers in them, and that’s the best part. All people do all day is type on the computer and talk on the phone. I’m sure there is more to it, but that’s all it looks like to me. So that’s where I come in.

I walk into an office, and they get so excited. I’m smiling, people get to pet me, and I no longer jump up (big progress). I let people have more fun at work by playing with me, and that helps their work life balance. People work better when they are in good moods, and having fun helps that.

Celebrate the Victories

Work life balance is a difficult thing to have because people take both for granted. I’m stoked to see my owner literally every time I see him, and that’s every day. My co-workers will settle a case, win a Motion for Summary Judgment, or sign up a new client, and just move on.

Taking the time to celebrate victories is a big part of work life balance. I love hearing when people hire us. I love hearing about my co-worker’s grandson dominate soccer. I love hearing and celebrating with everybody. If we would all take the time to celebrate victories with each other, it will make the work day that much better.

Work life balance is something that people and dogs must both work to achieve. Without it, the office can be a place where no one wants to go. It could be worse. There could be squirrels at work and I hate squirrels. I hope I was able to help someone make their work life balance a little stronger. Thanks for reading The Pawffice!

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