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UPDATE: A few years ago a gentleman who contacted our firm for help.  He was badly injured in an accident and almost died.  He was transported via helicopter to a local hospital where for weeks he recovered from his life threatening injuries.  Upon his discharge, the hospital administration explained to him that they’d attempted to file his cost of treatment, which was around $270,000, with his employer provided health insurance company.  Alarmingly, the insurance company denied his claim because the insurance company said his insurance was cancelled because his employer failed to pay the premiums.  Long story short, although his employer had been deducting from his paycheck a portion of his health insurance premiums  the employer was not in fact paying his premiums but pocketing the money instead.   The hospital and other creditors associated with his care wanted to get paid.  These creditors were looking to him to come up with almost $300,000.00.  He called us and we were honored to fight to protect his rights.  The Crone Law Firm filed a lawsuit against the employer and won a large judgment.  The employer appealed and later filed for bankruptcy.   Our team did not give up.  I am pleased to report that, this month, the matter was resolved in our client’s favor.  Congratulations go to Laura Bailey, Maggie Crone, and Bailey Dorsey for all their hard work, persistence, and dedication to getting justice for our client, and for allowing us to give you this update.


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