Mediation and What it Means

EEOC-Employment Law
In any instance of human inter-personal relations, either social contracts, commercial transactions etc., misunderstanding, disputes or conflicts are inevitable. The modes in which these conflicts gets resolved has seen a huge transformation over the years. This is when mediation comes…
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Pregnant at Work

Can I Be Terminated While on FMLA Leave?

The answer is that a company can’t disturb, or interfere with your FMLA leave. You can’t be terminated while on FMLA leave otherwise you would have been fired. Frequently, I see cases where there’s a reduction in force that occurs…
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FMLA Picture

Memphis FMLA Lawyers-Do you get Paid While on FMLA?

MEMPHIS FMLA LAWYERS: Unfortunately, no not under the law. Now, some companies will provide compensation, for example, for maternity or paternity leave. That’s an increasing benefit that people are offering. They also have sick time, or personal time, or vacation…
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