Age Discrimination

I have been working part-time at The Crone Law Firm since 2019. I was the original dog that would come up here, and I would get treats from attorneys and clients back when we were much smaller. I am proud of seeing the growth of the firm, all of the new attorneys, and the staff as a whole. But this Archie dog getting all of this attention over me is ridiculous. I believed that I was being discriminated against for my age. I am a healthy 7 years old.

That’s climbing up there in poodle years. I was worried I would fall victim to age discrimination. Does my age mean I can’t even write a blog? (editor’s note: of course not, he’s writing this one)

So what does age discrimination mean? Is it okay that Archie has a spot on the website, but I do not? That one I’m actually okay with. He’s young, full-time, and likes to be the center of attention. I’m a part-time employee that won’t sit still for very long because I have better things to be doing. (editor’s note: it’s because he’s stubborn and wants to lie down instead of sitting up)

After talking to the attorneys at The Crone Law Firm, specifically attorney Marc Sorin, I have answered all my questions on age discrimination, and I’ll help you understand it easier too.

Age Discrimination Defined

Apparently, I’m too young to even qualify for age discrimination because I’m only 7! What?! I know what you’re thinking. Big Redd, that’s at least 49 in dog years. I know! The law states that you have to be over 40 HUMAN YEARS to qualify for age discrimination in the first place! That’s wild to me.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA, does not allow age discrimination for people 40 or older. Companies cannot fire someone for being too old, hire someone younger solely because they are younger than another applicant, or have different conditions for people older than 40 than they do younger. Jennifer gave me an example to.

I work the front desk a lot as you can see from my picture above. I take a lot of pride in that job. However, let’s say Archie wants that job. He can’t take my job from me solely because he’s younger. That would be an example of age discrimination. Sure, I’m not 40 in human years, so it wouldn’t technically be age discrimination, but you see where I’m coming from.

Plus, Archie can’t handle it. Look at this picture one of our team members took of him. He’s lying down on the job! Not even looking toward the door in case someone comes in to say hello. His bow tie isn’t even on straight. Pathetic.

Age Discrimination Harassment

Jennifer also told me that it is also illegal to be harassed for your age. I feel for this law because I believe this happens to me all the time. People always walk up to me and say, “sweet old boy” or “what a good old boy”. I am not that old! I am at most middle-aged. Obviously, we have a great culture here at the firm. I told my coworkers I didn’t like to be called an old boy, so they stopped.

Most harassment claims are from a long pattern that can contain a hostile work environment. I’m not hostile. I’m a good boy. I love being able to work part-time, and I love that I have a good enough team that they listened to me when I brought it to their attention. Just like when I announce loudly to the office, that someone is at the door.

Big Redd Tackles Age Discrimination-The Pawffice

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog from Big Redd instead of Archie this week. Yes, after he asked us to stop calling us old, he wanted to write this month’s article. If you want to learn more about age discrimination, please visit our full age discrimination blog written by our attorneys. Even though Big Redd is a good boy, if you think you or someone you know is being discriminated against due to their age, then please call us to talk to one of our attorneys.

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