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What are Some Examples of Retaliation?

Memphis Retaliation Lawyers What are some examples of retaliation? Retaliation is any adverse employment action taken against an employee who complains of discrimination, harassment, or a violation of workplace law. Retaliation can come in different ways. Maybe an employee tells…
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Can I Get fired for Retaliation?

Memphis Retaliation Lawyers Can I get fired for retaliation? As a supervisor, yes termination is one of several corrective or disciplinary measures an employer can take in response to substantiated allegations of retaliation! Is there any way to avoid being…
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What is Retaliation in the Workplace?

Memphis Retaliation Lawyer Retaliation in the Workplace – Have you experienced it? Most people know that there are laws to protect employees from discrimination and harassment. However, many do not know these laws also protect employees from retaliation. Workplace retaliation…
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What is a Business Divorce?

Business Divorce
Business divorce is basically when one or more partners of a business decide that they no longer want to be in business with one or more of their other partners. They’re almost enumerable ways that that can happen. The classic…
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How do I contact the EEOC?

EEOC-Employment Law
Memphis EEOC Lawyers Well, the EEOC has a website,, and that has their telephone numbers, and their local office address information. You can find your local office on the website. As I say, most major cities have a district…
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