severance agreements negotiable

Are Severance Agreements Negotiable?

Severance Agreement
Are Severance Agreements Negotiable? Hello, everybody! I’m Alan Crone, and welcome to this legal bulletin from Ask Alan Legal Bulletin Series. Today’s question is a really good question. We get it a lot, and that is, are severance agreements negotiable?…
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overtime hours

Are Overtime Hours Taxed Differently?

Are Overtime Hours Taxed Differently? Hello, everybody, and welcome to this next legal video bulletin of the Ask Alan series. I’m Alan Crone and got an overtime question today. Are overtime hours taxed differently than straight time wages? No they…
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Do Severance Agreements Expire

Do Severance Agreements Expire?

Severance Agreement
Do Severance Agreements Expire? Hello, everybody. I’m Alan Crone, CEO of The Crone law Firm. And here with another legal bulletin on questions that we received through our Ask Alan format. And today’s is interesting, it’s: do severance agreements expire?…
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